Residential Mortgages

League Savings and Mortgage offers a full suite of mortgage products. Whether you are purchasing your first home or settling into a condo when retirement beckons, we understand your mortgage needs.


Interested in buying a home but aren’t sure how much you’re qualified to borrow?

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Construction Mortgages

Interested in building a new home but aren’t sure how much you’re qualified to borrow?

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Equity Takeouts/Refinances

Interested in renovating your home but aren’t sure how much you’re qualified to borrow?

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League Savings and Mortgage offer high ratio and conventional financing for condominiums. Refinances and transfers are eligible.

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Purchase Plus Improvements

The purpose of the Purchase Plus Improvements program is to help qualified home buyers tailor improvements…

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Second Home & Cottages

Secondary Home Mortgage allows borrowers to obtain financing on the purchase of a second home…

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Mini Home

Mini homes can be on owned land or on leased land in a mini home park.

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Modular Homes

A factory-built structure in two or more sections in accordance with provincial and local building codes and transported to the property site for final assemble.

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Residential Mortgage


Our mortgage features provide flexibility and allow you to tailor your mortgage to meet your financial requirements.

Terms include:

  • Open (6 months) or closed (6 months – 5 years)

Amortization Periods include:

  • Up to 25 years

Payment frequencies include:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly

Pre-payment privileges include:

  • Increase your regularly scheduled payment by 20% in a 12 month period
  • Pay an additional 20% of the outstanding balance in a 12 month period
  • At renewal, any amount can be paid down on the mortgage without penalty
  • Can change frequency of payment to weekly or bi-weekly accelerated

Pre-payment penalties are charged for:

  • Paying out mortgage in full prior to maturity date
  • Exceeding pre-payment privilege amounts
  • Click here to see how we calculate our fixed prepayment charges.
  • Click here to see how we calculate our variable prepayment charges.

How can you avoid prepayment charges?

  • Blending the interest rates when refinancing
  • See prepayment privileges above

Broker Commission Schedule

League Savings and Mortgage Broker Commission Schedule

  • 1 year term 15 bps
  • 2-year term 30 bps
  • 3-year term 45 bps
  • 4-year term 60 bps
  • 5-year term 75 bps

Residential Mortgages

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Property taxes can be collected with mortgage payment.

Cash back mortgages offered, up to 5% (can not be used for down payment).

Title Insurance is accepted.

More information on mortgages can be obtained by viewing the website of The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.

We are here to help

Sometimes life circumstances change, which may result in needing assistance or advice with your mortgage. Please reach out to discuss what options may be available.

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