League Savings and Mortgage Company provides the following worksheets to help you determine various costs associated with buying or building a home.

Closing Costs Worksheet

This worksheet is specific to closing costs.

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Estimating Worksheet

This form is designed to assist owner-builders and builders in determining the costs involved in building a new house or doing renovations. The form also assists the appraiser when determining the value of the property upon completion. Mortgage officers also use the form to assist them in making a decision in granting the mortgage.

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Sample Contract

Please consult a lawyer before proceeding with an actual contract.

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Home Buying Checklist

Many times in the search for a new home more than one property is visited. It is often difficult to remember the features of each of the homes, particularly when the search is spread out over a week or more, or even months. With that in mind there is an advantage to taking notes on the properties you visit.

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