Other Helpful Hints

It is important to remember when building your home that each time you request funds there will be costs involved; therefore, to avoid unnecessary legal cost and inspection fees it is usually advisable to complete your home within three to four advances.

If you are building a home within city limits, it is important that your plans are approved by town planning. They must be certified plans, you will be notified, usually by an inspector, of any changes that need to be made. League Savings and Mortgage Company does not require a survey certificate on a residential mortgage that does not exceed $150,000. It is the decision of the borrower whether or not to seek professional advice from the solicitor concerning the necessity of obtaining a survey to protect their interests.


  • Can you get a building permit?
  • Is the soil suitable?
  • Will the water drain away from the house?
  • Is the elevation of the land such that fill will be required?


  • How deep are the wells in the area (if the area is unserviced)?
  • Can a septic system be installed without blasting?
  • How much will the septic system cost?
  • The well must be 100 feet from septic field if dug, 50 feet if drilled.


  • Is the house design compatible with the elevation of the land?
  • Are the other houses in the area worth more or less than the estimated completed value of yours?
  • House values in the area will affect the value of your home.
  • Are you insulating sufficiently? Will you need a 2×6 exterior studding?

Municipal Requirements

  • building permit
  • septic system permit
  • survey showing placement of foundation on lot
  • licensed electrician to install electrical services
  • licensed plumber to install plumbing (in some cases)
  • occupancy permit (in some areas)

Residential Mortgages

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Property taxes can be collected with mortgage payment.

Cash back mortgages offered, up to 5% (can not be used for down payment).

Title Insurance is accepted.

More information on mortgages can be obtained by viewing the website of The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.