Acting as your own Contractor

When acting as your own contractor there are areas that need to be covered prior to starting construction. In order to assist you in determining the costs involved in building a new home we have prepared an Estimating Worksheet. All categories in this form must be fully completed.

It is most important that the cost of construction be closely estimated prior to the start of construction in order to avoid any cost overruns.

In order to properly analyze the construction application the following quotes must be submitted:

  • foundation
  • framing (labour)
  • material costs (lumber)
  • doors and windows (if not in material list)
  • exterior finish (if not in framing cost – usually not)
  • electrical and plumbing (materials and labour)
  • kitchen cabinets (should include vanities)
  • flooring

It would be difficult to determine if there is enough financing in place without these quotes. If the remaining estimates on the Estimating Worksheet are realistic and we feel comfortable with the affordability, we may not need any other quotes except for the eight listed above.

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