RRSP Monthly Deposit Plan

When is the best time to start an RRSP? To maximize the advantages of an RRSP, you should contribute as early as possible and regularly each year.

How can I make regular RRSP contributions? With a League Savings and Mortgage RRSP Monthly Deposit Plan.

You can make your annual RRSP contribution in regular, easy-to-manage monthly installments throughout the year.
It’s easier to contribute your maximum.
You avoid the last-minute scramble for a large, lump sum contribution.
You earn more tax-sheltered interest than if you wait until the annual rush.
You have flexibility; you may decide to change the amount you contribute each month, make a change in your choice of RRSP options, or even stop contributing for awhile.
Contributions can be automatically withdrawn from an account of your choice.
A League Savings and Mortgage RRSP Monthly Deposit Plan is the smartest way to build your future.

At League Savings and Mortgage, our qualified staff will be pleased to discuss any aspect of your regular deposits for retirement and explain our RRSP Monthly Deposit features and options in more detail. Contact us!