Login Help Page

There are several mechanisms at work behind the scenes of this web space in order to make it as secure as possible for League Savings and Credit Union staff. Please read through this section of common problems, and if you can’t find the solution to a problem you are experiencing, contact us and we will help you through your problem. Typically, problems will be with the following:

Cookies errors, resulting in file access problems

Use of Cookies
As a primary measure of security, the login sets a cookie on your computer. A cookie is a small text file that holds information about the user. It allows you to access the files in the secure space, and allows our web administrator to track your presence in League Savings secure space.

Each time you log in, a cookie will be set on your computer. The cookie will give you permission to navigate the secure space for a period of two hours. After that time, you will be required to log in again. This expiration period is a security measure to protect against unauthorized access to League Savings web space by someone who doesn’t have access to League Savings secure space, but shares a computer with someone who does.

In order for you to gain access to files in the secure space, you must have cookies enabled in your web browser. Most browsers come with cookies enabled by default, but if you do not have cookies enabled, the cookie will not be set on your computer. Consequently, you will see a ‘WARNING’ page when you try to access any file in the secure space. The solution is to enable cookies in your browser.

To enable cookies follow the instructions in the help file for your particular browser.

Login issues with incorrect, or improperly entered, password

Login Incorrect” Screen
The “Login Incorrect” screen will be displayed if:

  • You have spelled your username and/or password incorrectly. Check with the administrator that you have been given a valid username and password.
  • You are using the correct password and/or username but have “Caps Lock” on. Passwords and usernames are case sensitive.

Difficulties with file downloads

File Download Procedure
When trying to download a file, it may come up in the window of your browser. This occurs because your browser understands how to read the file. This is often the case with pdf files, where the computer has Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

To download the file:

  • Right click on link to the file in question.
  • Choose the Save Target As option.
  • Save the file to the desired location.

Is your computer date and time correct?

Cookies are set to expire three hours after you login. The time on your computer is compared with the time on the server. If your computers’ date and time is off by more than three hours your cookie will expire the moment it gets set. The quickest way to check is double click the time on your toolbar usually located at the right hand corner of your desktop. If the clock has been turned off use the date/time applet in the control panel to view and set the date/time. Make sure you check if your time is set correctly to A.M. or P.M..